Promotion Sheet

An overview of what UberStax is, and how it works!

UberStax Promo Sheet

UberStax Packaging Photos

Each color is packaged in sets of 6 Pieces!

UberStax Black
UberStax White
UberStax Red
UberStax Green
UberStax Blue
UberStax Yellow

UberStax Packaging - Back Labelling

Unique UPC A Barcode by Color & Basic Information

Uberstax Black Label

Black Label

Uberstax White Label

White Label

Uberstax Red Label

Red Label

Uberstax Green Label

Green Label

Uberstax Label Blue

Blue Label

Uberstax - Back Yellow

Yellow Label

Purple Label

Orange Label

Grey Label

Brown Label


If you need a logo for various uses, here’s some files to choose from:

Branding Styleguide

If you’re using our branding, here is a basic color, logo, font style guide

Poster (11"x17")

Print a quick color poster featuring UberStax for whatever sales purpose you might have.

Instruction Sheet

Simple line drawing show the basic configuration using UberStax.

UberStax Instructions

UberStax Feature Graphics

If you need a simple sample graphic showing a configuration with cards, just save any of these!


Web Marketing Banners

Click a Banner Size to Download. Use the Large Banner Graphic (on the right) for reference. 

UberStax Piece Photos

Uberstax Yellow
Uberstax Blue
Uberstax Yellow
Uberstax Blue
Uberstax Red
Uberstax Green
Uberstax Red
Uberstax Green

Basic Configurations