How can I order UberStax?

Click on Buy Now which shows you many options. If you feel there is no retailer located in your country, there are several retailers that ship internationally. We are also open to new retailers getting listed.

How can I pick my colors?

UberStax packages come in sets of six pieces. When you order, you select the color for each multiple of six you order. Color availability varies by retailer. GameStax direct sales are limited to rainbow boxes and black pieces.

I want a large quantity of UberStax. Can you provide me with any discounts?

Send us a message answering the following details and we will get back to you with the discounted price and details on how to order.

  1. How many packages you would like.
  2. Will they all be shipped to the same address.
  3. Is this personal or are you a wholesaler / retail location.

Can I get UberStax and UberTrayz now?

Yes! UberStax and UberTrayz are in stock. You can order online or direct from several retailers listed on our Buy Now page.

Can I get an exchange or a refund?

Returns or exchanges are based on individual retailer policies.

What are the dimensions of a single UberStax piece?

100mm x 40mm (3.937″ x 1.574″) weighing 18g (0.6oz). The lip is 7m (0.25″) which is plenty deep to hold double sleeved cards, tiles, and game pieces. The slopped angle helps hold larger pieces as well that sit on top of the lip.

What are the dimensions of a package of 6 UberStax?

12 cm x 17 cm x 4 cm (4.7″ x 7″ x 1.5″) weighing 116g (4.1oz)

What are the dimensions of a single UberTrayz piece?

100mm x 100mm x 28mm (3.937″ x 3.937″ x 1.102″) weighing 58g (2oz). However when stacked on other UberTrayz pieces, you can deduct 2mm (0.079″) from the stacking corners.

What are the dimensions of a single clear cover for the UberTrayz?

100mm x 100mm x 1.5mm (3.937″ x 3.937″ x 0.059″) weighing 18g (0.6oz)

What are dimensions of an UberStax Storage Bag?

Approximately 19cm W x 23cm H (7.5″ x 9″) weighing 12g (0.4oz).

What is the quality of the UberStax and UberTrayz pieces?

This is a product manufactured by an entrepreneur who loves tabletop board games and had an idea. This is not made by some monster-sized gaming company.

There may be some discoloration on the individual pieces due to the manufacturing process, especially around the pegs and holes. This does not affect the functionality of the items. Also pieces do not necessarily fit snug together.

The idea is for them to simply hold and interlock with the other UberStax and UberTrayz pieces. We have been addressing the injection molding manufacturing process tolerances to address this while maintaining stacking with older pieces. There are plenty of review videos available on YouTube for you to see this in action with different games.

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