UberTrayz 4-Pack Black

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Brand: UberStax
UPC: 628451976219


by UberStax Universal Game Piece Holders

UberTrayz come in packages of 4 pieces of the same color. All 4 pieces in this set are black and it also includes 1 clear cover.

Pictures may not match exact shade of color.

No UberStax are included, only 4 UberTrayz and 1 clear cover. A single piece of UberTrayz is 100mm x 100mm x 28mm (3.937" x 3.937" x 1.102") weighing 58g (2oz). However when stacked on other UberTrayz pieces, you can deduct 2mm (0.079") from the stacking corners.

There may be some discoloration on the individual pieces due to the manufacturing process, especially around the pegs and holes. This does not affect the functionality of the items. Also pieces do not necessarily fit snug together. The idea is for them to simply hold and interlock with the other UberStax and UberTrayz pieces. We have been addressing the injection molding manufacturing process tolerances to address this while maintaining stacking with older pieces. There is no need to force pieces together, they do hold and you will have gaps in between. If this is a concern, please do not purchase these.

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