10 Creative ways to store Board Games

One of the many horrors for boardgame fans is losing a game piece, or worry that a game will topple over any second. That worry has brought us many creative ways to store board games.

Here are some of the creative ways people found to store board games and make the process so smooth you can quickly jump into any board game.

Rolling table

For the person with a small board game collection – or setting up a themed board game night – you can always consider a rolling table. Take any table you have, insert some planks of wood to create shelves and put it on wheels. There you’ve got a convenient and easily movable board game table.

Plastic Drawers

If you’ve got a closet devoted to board games then one way to store them is to consider plastic drawers. While simple shelves are helpful, there is still risk that board games can get pulled out by accident. To mitigate that, you can use drawers and keep all of your board games stored in those drawers.

This is also good if you want to store specific game pieces too. Separating the pieces and/or cards from the board game itself can be beneficial since it removes the worry of where the pieces are. They should all be in a specific drawer.

Cubby Shelves

Small shelves work, but having cubby holes is better. They’re larger and you can store larger boxes or stack up multiple games.

Use Rubber/Head Bands

For the person who likes to stack their board games vertically, one creative option is to wrap the board games around a head band. Using one per headband, this ensures that when pulling the game out, the bottom won’t drop and the pieces won’t go flying.

You can even color code them if you want to be extra organized.

Jars with Custom Labels

If you play a lot of games with a lot of pieces – like checkers, chess, or dominos – then having dedicated jars can be nice. It’s easy to make labels online or find a company to do labels for you too. Give them a design, write down the name and how many pieces there should be. This ensures that when you take the jar out, you can quickly count the pieces and make sure everything is in order.

Wire Pan Rack

If you don’t want to use the headband trick, another alternative is a wire pan rack. You can stack board games vertically and they won’t topple over. Merely slide it out of the rack when you want to play the game.

Repurpose old items

Got a ladder that you were going to throw out? Why not repurpose it and turn it into a set of shelves? Between each bar you can store stacks of board games, provided that you create little shelves to keep the board games tucked in there. Here is a picture for reference.

But you can go one step farther than merely using ladders. Look at other items and take some time to ask if you can use them in creative ways to store games.

Hanging Closets

Another improvised shelving unit is hanging closets. They are so versatile that you can even store some board games in them. Just be mindful you don’t load them up too much. They’re sturdy but not that sturdy.

Scrapbook Cases & Pouches

There are a lot of cheap scrapbook cases you can purchase. Fortunately many are about the perfect size for board game storage. They are even big enough to store pieces in them.

And if there are too many pieces, then you can always consider scrapbook pouches. The pouches are more compact making it easier to fit board games and pieces into smaller spaces.

Gaming Tower Organizers

While you can use them for electronic games, these particular towers can also serve as great ways for storing board games as well. These are after all other shelving units.

Organizing is easy

There are all kinds of other creative ideas to store your board games and pieces. From various containers to repurposing shelves, there are ample ways to properly store and organize your board game collection.