How To Organize Your Gaming Table

Tabletop games and gaming tables go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. You obviously need a good table in order to play games to your heart’s content, but what kind of table do you need? Or how can you set up your gaming table so it manages to get the most bang for the buck?

Homes today are unique in how much space you have to work with, what kind of furniture you have and even how many people you expect to come over to your home or apartment. Whatever the case may be, follow these steps in organizing your gaming table so it’s ideal.

Consider your Gaming Setup

The first step in organizing your gaming table is knowing a rough estimate of how many people can play at the table for any game comfortably. Consider your seating arrangement, and the overall dimensions of your gaming table. Once complete, you can get an idea of how many people you need and compare that to how many of your friends are into board games and would play.

The purpose of all of this is to verify whether the table you have (or considering making/buying) is enough for the task. In the end you may need to rearrange your furniture or your overall set up as opposed to buying a brand new table.

Look at Table Functions

Another big aspect to any gaming table is its features. We all know it should be sturdy and be able to support whatever you put on it for the most part. However, some don’t consider things like extra drawers for storage, height adjustment, or an expanding table.

Your gaming table may need some of those extra features in order to facilitate more people or store your expanding board game collection. Not to mention those features may be needed if you intend to play some of the more expansive board games with multiple pieces. A small table may not be suitable for those games.

Ensure players can reach and play games

If you have children or people with difficulties reaching, you want the table to be a good enough size that they can reach without straining themselves. This goes back to my last point on considering table functions.

An organized table is a table where people can reach the important pieces with little struggle.

Ensure players can hold their cards or pieces properly

The final step is ensuring the players are able to hold their pieces properly. Or at least able to organize them with little issue. This is a huge issue for various players who aren’t as dextrous as they used to be or haven’t developed dexterity yet. Or maybe you want your hands free while you play.

Whatever the case is, you want to make sure people can organize their pieces and/or cards properly. Our product, überStax, is a good product to help with organizing game pieces and cards.

Your Gaming Table is everything

The idea behind your gaming table is to ensure everyone at the table is able to play games comfortably. Whether it’s a good set up to even a good table or some added accessories to enhance the experience, make sure you go through these steps to make sure everyone can join in.